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Open Source Code for Advanced Radiation Simulation


Here you will find from simple to very detailed examples of calculations one can do using OSCARS. The examples are followed by an "All About" section which describes in detail what one can do with specific features in OSCARS.

Getting Started

These examples contain the most basics elements of OSCARS to get started quickly.

Undulator Spectrum .html .ipynb .py
Undulator Flux .html .ipynb .py
Undulator Power Density .html .ipynb .py
Undulator 3D Power Density .html .ipynb .py
Undulator 3D Power Density CAD Surface .html .ipynb .py
Importing Field Data .html .ipynb .py

Detailed Examples

These examples contain more realistic scenarios and explanations

001 Dipole Trajectory .html .ipynb .py
002 Undulator Trajectory .html .ipynb .py
003 EPU Trajectory .html .ipynb .py
004 Undulator Plus BM Trajectory .html .ipynb .py
005 Canted Straight Trajectory .html .ipynb .py
006 Imported Field Trajectory .html .ipynb .py
007 Importing Trajectories .html .ipynb .py
022 Undulator Spectrum .html .ipynb .py
023 EPU Spectrum .html .ipynb .py
032 Undulator Flux .html .ipynb .py
033 EPU Flux .html .ipynb .py
042 Undulator Power Density .html .ipynb .py
043 EPU Power Density .html .ipynb .py
122 Undulator Spectrum Multi-Particle .html .ipynb .py MPI
123 EPU Spectrum Multi-Particle .html .ipynb .py MPI
132 Undulator Flux Multi-Particle .html .ipynb .py MPI
133 EPU Flux Multi-Particle .html .ipynb .py MPI
142 Undulator Power Density Multi-Particle .html .ipynb .py MPI
143 EPU Power Density Multi-Particle .html .ipynb .py MPI
342 Undulator Power Density 3D Sphere .html .ipynb .py

All About

These examples contain details on the objects used in OSCARS.

Magnetic Fields .html .ipynb
Electric Fields .html .ipynb
Particle Beams .html .ipynb
Flux .html .ipynb
Spectra .html .ipynb
PowerDensity .html .ipynb
GPUAndThreads .html .ipynb
ParametricSurfaces .html .ipynb


Power Density on Arbitrary Shaped Objects in 3D

Last modified: 23 October 2018.