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Open Source Code for Advanced Radiation Simulation

Frequently Asked Questions and/or Curiosities

On Citation and Authorship

If you use OSCARS for any purpose you should not list us as authors of your work/paper. This is a tool to help the scientific community and it is yours to use how you like. We would be grateful for a citation where relevant.

On Scientific Work

There are neither copyright nor licensing restrictions on results which you produce with OSCARS. You are free to publish and distribute this derived material.

On Software Licensing

OSCARS is licensed under a BNL modified BSD license. This is meant to be a fairly permissive license to enable scientists and industry to innovate as they wish. The license can be found here. For more information please email us directly and we can provide you more specifics.

Can I contribute to OSCARS?

Yes. We actively encourage it. Contributions must be scientifically sound, well motivated, and conform to some reasonable standards.

Last modified: 22 June 2018.