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Open Source Code for Advanced Radiation Simulation


The easiest way to install or upgrade oscars is with pip:

pip install oscars

GPU utilities are available in the os x and windows binaries. Currently trying to package oscars with cuda for pypi under manylinux1, but for the meantime send us an email if you want the GPU utilities on linux.


NOTE: If you are within bnl.gov you can try the OSCARS test area at http://id01.nsls2.bnl.gov.

For release information

If you wish to receive information regarding releases please sign up for the mailing list.

Releases are versioned AA.BB.CC, where AA is the major, BB the minor version, and CC is reserved for bug-fixes and other very small changes. Odd numbered BB are reserved for development versions.

Version Date: yyyy.mm.dd
Current release2.00.022017.10.11
Past release1.36.142017.09.12

Last modified: 12 October 2017.